Self-Referral Form

(for survivors of sexual abuse or their supporters)

This form is for survivors and their supporters to refer themselves for support. If you are a professional working with agency and would like to refer a client, please click here

We have closed the following Counselling waiting lists for:
Adults in Brighton and Hove
Young People in East Sussex
Please see the about/news and blogs section on our website for more details

If you have experienced sexual violence or abuse at any time in your life and are looking for help and support in Sussex, you can contact us on 01273 203380 or submit the form below. We also support people who were abused in the Diocese of Chichester or are a victim of a sexual assault in a case that is going to court in Sussex.

If you have recently been assaulted you may wish to consider contacting the Saturn Centre

After you submit the form, a member of our welcome team will contact you within one week. This will be from a withheld number. They will call you to arrange a convenient time for an assessment. This assessment will allow you to ask any questions and ensure that you get access to the right support and services. If you do not answer their call they will text or email you if you have told us that it is safe to do so. If you need more immediate support, please look at our crisis support and helpline webchat services pages:

Crisis numbers

Helplines and Webchat services

We will not ask you to describe what happened to you.

Privacy and Data Protection

Information submitted on this form is sent securely to our data management system. We will not share this information with anyone outside of our organisation without your explicit consent and will only make referrals to other organisations if you agree for us to do this on your behalf. The only time we may have to share information without your consent is if we are concerned you are at risk of significant harm or if there are other safeguarding concerns.

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